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Welcome my little blog, my name is Martin Hookway and this blog is a way for me to log my personal thoughts & views as I am attempting to complete personal & physical challenges each year with other like minded people.

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LONDON MARATHON (21st April 2013)

#PROJECT100in24 (27th to 28th July)

I will be running as usual with GPS with Runkeeper & tweeting as I run on @TEAMB_O_B as long as I have phone coverage so all your support will be gratefully received.

I am currently funraising for Rainbow Trust so please dig deep if you can to help this amazing charity.

Rainbow Trust is a Children’s Charity that provides emotional and practical support to
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help is available for families 24 hours a day. Support is offered from diagnosis
through treatment and, should a family become bereaved, we continue to support
them for as long as they need us. They help family members cope with the present
and prepare them for the future.
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Sunday, 14 April 2013

I refuse to use the "i" word: 7 Sleeps Until VLM

This post is based over the last few weeks, I've never had enough dribble to post & have been in a bit of a grump so just made notes. Everyone wishes for a perfect training plan into any big race especially when committing to raise money for a charity  no one wants to get injured, sometimes even Super Hero's find it hard, never mind a skinny kid who's only been running 2 years.

It all started with a trip to the Chiropractor, things have not been right with my lower legs for a while now & really wanted to get this sorted. I explained to my Chiropractor that I've not been able to follow a full week of training because of the niggles. Jwalla did her usual & abused my legs like they were a lump of playdough, apparently I have some Super Human pain barrier in my lower legs. Very apt as I hope to be able to run the London Marathon dressed as MEGA MARTIN!

At this point VLM seemed miles away, 5 weeks is in fact a long time... But do you know that feeling when you realize VLM is 3 & a bit not 5 weeks?!?! YEAH THAT!

I started to panic, I'd not ran a full week of planned training all year, I have constantly had these "niggles" & I'd not even tried on my MEGA MARTIN suit!.

I was on strict instructions not to run for at least a week & not to "race" until VLM. I had a race number for Lincoln10K but I made the decision to just run it with a friend @Rustyw5 if the "niggles" go down in time, I refuse to use the "i" word . My Tibia & Achilles are in bits, shin splints is a huge possibility too, oh & ive started to get throbbing in the soles of my feet, so I can't rush this. I know I can run VLM in my head but I have to think of the bigger picture, VLM was a training run for Edinburgh then I was onto the main challenge of the 24hr race & the 100 milestone. VLM is now turning into a bigger challenge than I'd thought it would be, although I've never ran in a Marathon Race I have ran the marathon distance a few times, I've even ran in a 50 mile race so in my head this should not be a worry but with all the niggles I'm carrying I really have to be careful & maybe even think about dropping out of the TR24 in July, but  never say never, where would the fun be if life was easy ;o)

By the time Lincoln 10k came the rest had done me good. Charlies Angles have Charlie, Batman has Alfred & 007 has Q, MEGA MARTIN on the other hand has a Auntie Eileen, Auntie Eileen is a whiz with a sewing machine & after a few alterations to the costume to stop chafe & camels toe, I was away.

After a chat with Tux-Man (aka @Rustyw5) we agreed to take it easy but after fighting to get out of the crowds we agreed to up the pace & see what we could do in the costumes. I find it really hard not to go in to race mode when at the start line but did hold back a bit. I soon got very hot & I started to dehydrate just before half way, the crowds were great & I was having lots of fun but desperately needed water. @Rustyw5  ran very well & we ran together through the busy streets up to the water stations at 6K where I had to slow down to tip water down my back to help me cool down, Russ was running really string & I could not catch him back up. Overall it was a great day & I think we came in 1st & 3rd Fancy dress in 44mins chip time & 45min Clock. I had slight aches but nothing to worry about. I did need to get more air holes in the suit & certainly needed to slow down for VLM though.

The next dat I went for a recovery run, I ran at 8min/mi but sadly I got pins & needles in heel. My worries had come true, Plantia fascistis! I wont lie to you I'm not happy at ALL, first Shin Splints the Achillies tightness NOW P' CHUFFIN F!  I went to my local running store (meters to miles) for a gait analysis & a great chat with Julian the owner & ex international runner. Julian filled me with confidence & gave me some great advice about running barefoot & how to safely make the transition. I ran on the treadmill but ran like a pissed up tramp. My form was all over the place! Its been that long since I've ran on one a treadmill I seem to have forgotten how to run on treadmills. This cemented the fact that I need to work back to basics, core, flexibility, form & style.

So i basically did too much too soon whilst working towards running barefoot / minimal.

To be honest I only have to run down the garden with nothing on the feet & I automatically run "correctly", I say correctly but maybe I should say naturally? So I do naturally run barefoot on my toes, the way we are apparently supposed to run, my problem is I still over stride & over pronate. This is how my body has learnt to run & I know if i change too much too soon it will no longer be natural to my body & do think unnatural form will continue to cause injury, so is "natural" form different for each person? Or do I just have to re teach my body?

So here is what I've come up with...

Heavy shoes make me heel strike.

I will continue to run in them but will no longer heel strike & will slowly work on my stride & posture/strength while running,

I will however be ending most of my runs with a cool down running in my new minimal Brooks Pure Connects or bare feet (where not in a local area when standing on needles or broken glass is inevitable).

Basically I have the head of an ultra runner but the legs of a newbie again. The ironic thing is that I now have to run the London Marathon on these "newbie" legs before I can go back to basics again.

I think that sums me up this year Ha Ha.

But i'm going to enjoy VLM, not many people get the chance to run this great event so I'm going to have fun all the way around. I was told last week that the marathon is already in my legs. I dont need to train any more. The important thing I need to do now is to get over the niggles & get to the start fit! So I need to rest properly, today is 1 week until VLM, yes 1 week, 7 sleeps, then I need to get suited and prepare to high5 250,000 people that will be lining the streets of London. Oooooooh YEAH!!!!


As you all know I'm running VLM for the terminally ill children that Rainbow Trust care for, I am still about £600 off of my required target & £1000 off of the full target I hoped to raise so please if you can dig deep and sponsor me for running the London Marathon, MEGA MARTIN will always be in your debt if you do & you never know when your cat will next get stuck up a tree. 

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  1. Get well soon! But I echo your friend - you've already done all the training to get round! It's officially taper time now! Fab race pic in the costume!!